Over the past three years the conversation with myself, the world and Gaia has changed dramatically. I escaped the concrete-jungle and willingly left a successful corporate career to build a life and career of purpose. The key ingredient to this shift was becoming open to possibility.

Possibility has given me the confidence and courage to trust in the universe and follow my intuition, by leading with my heart instead of my (rational) head. If you’re open to it, it can do the same for you.

If you’re where I at was three years ago, you might be tempted to immediately dismiss this article. If this is your knee-jerk reaction, then this article is definitely written for you. As uncomfortable as it might be, read on…you might really need this!


That’s right. I said it. Let go of your type-A, carefully calculated, well thought-out plan. You probably can’t see it, but your so-called plan is more limiting than you think. While a well-thought out plan can be a good tool and provide a sense of security, we often become so invested in it that we put blinders on. We tirelessly defend our plan to the death and unknowingly overlook countless opportunities.

Give yourself the space and freedom to adapt and evolve (perhaps radically) over time.


Whose expectations are you trying to meet…your peers, parents, colleagues, spouse, society, or your own? The list is endless.

I sought to please others, by exceeding expectations and making the “right” decisions in an effort to find my place in the world. The end result was 60+ hour workweeks and hollow accolades that left me feeling empty and alone.

Letting go of my self-imposed expectations created space for creativity and new possibilities. Once you identify the source of your expectations, you’re likely to discover that your success and acceptance isn’t dependent on them. My biggest advocates ended up being those I initially thought would challenge or question my new path.


Being open to possibility isn’t like turning on a switch. At least it wasn’t for me. A year ago, I scoffed at the idea of walking away from a well-paying job without having a new one lined up and ready to go.

Before I could consider this possibility, I had to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Comfortable with trusting in the universe. Comfortable with the radical and seemingly crazy images that popped into my head when I least expected it. Comfortable with not having a plan. Comfortable with letting time slowly, and sometimes painstakingly, reveal new possibilities. Comfortable with the new future vision that was emerging.


When you open yourself up to possibility the floodgates open. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of possibilities open to you. But how do you know which ones to focus in on?

This is where your heart (not head) comes in. This isn’t about picking the logical or rational option. It’s about tuning into your intuition by listening to the subtle cues your heart gives you.

While driving I tend to zone out. It’s one of the few places that I can turn-off my rational mind and let my thoughts wonder. One day I had a vision of my husband and I selling all of our possessions (including our house) and setting off in an Airstream. It’s amazing that some of the most important images that shaped my decision to leave corporate America revealed themselves while sitting in traffic on a congested highway.

Find the place where can you tune into your heart and listen closely.


Turning your new possibilities into reality can be terrifying, especially if you are making an abrupt shift or entering uncharted waters. While we all have our own circumstances to consider, you can find innovative solutions to overcome almost any challenge.

When taking the leap I was hung up on was security. My husband and I had worked hard to establish our financial stability and I wasn’t willing to throw it away. We relied on both of our incomes and neither of us was independently wealthy.

Then I realized it didn’t have to be an EITHER / OR scenario, it could be a BOTH / AND scenario. I could embark on my new path AND leverage my current position to secure part-time consulting work. This option allowed me the freedom to pursue my passion, without compromising financial security.

How can you turn your situation from EITHER / OR to BOTH / AND?

Imagine what possibility can do for you

Three years ago, I couldn’t even process the concept of possibility. I was so stuck in my own head and over committed to my carefully crafted plan that my heart no longer had a voice. The power of possibility has changed how I approach life and given me the freedom to explore, discover and create each day. Imagine what it can do for you.

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