Growing Your Best Self

An International Journey 

of Holistic Personal & Leadership Development

Winter 2024

Blending Nature-based practices with six virtual gatherings

Join us for our first international, virtual Generative Council and experience the power of Nature to guide your life and leadership from the comfort of your home and local land.

Given the tumultuous past two years that have included global health challenges, social unrest, shifting weather patterns and the “great resignation”, this year’s program is calling for women in Europe and U.S. who feel a deep stirring for change in their professional or personal lives, or those who have made big shifts who would like to help mentor others. This change might be a new project at work, or new work entirely; a call to finally act on a long-held and long-known passion or purpose; a stepping up to address a community need; or a rebalance of life and work in one’s current home or new location entirely.

Whatever your motivation, this virtual gathering is for women of all ages and walks of life committed to bringing about a better world. We will weave together solo time in Nature with teaching, sharing and convening with others in council. Using Nature as our first and best teacher, you’ll be guided with reflection and intention to connect mind, heart and action culminating in a personal roadmap to guide you long after the program ends. The Center for Nature & Leadership and the Generative Council have enriched and emboldened many talented, thoughtful women leaders through this transformative experience and welcomes you to join our next journey!

Here is what you get:

  • Six 90-minute virtual gatherings of teaching, sharing, and connecting with others
  • Weekly solo activities blending time on the land with writing and other creative reflection practices
  • Connection with peers from America and Europe through large & small group activities, paired dialogues, and Council

During our time together, you will:

  • Learn personal leadership development  and nature-based practices to propel you towards greater wholeness and embodied leadership;
  • Reflect on your life, work and aspirations to create a personal roadmap to shape a richer personal and professional life;  
  • Join a community of like-minded women leaders who provide support, perspective and mentorship;
  • Be inspired and motivated to bring your best self to what matters most in your life.

“The process the leadership used in structuring this group to lead, activate, integrate, reflect, and share was incredible. Most Valuable was creating time and space to do SOLO journeys in nature. While I always knew intuitively that nature was a natural healer for me, creating this intention to see how it connected to the rest of my being was a great revelation.”

Terra Shimada

Your Guides

Beverly Winterscheid, Ph. D.

Beverly is a mentor and motivator for women who want to change the world through passionate commitment to their ideas, families, organizations, and communities. After a successful business and academic career that included a Ph.D. in Business Strategy, a post-doc at the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, and corporate positions in the US, she founded the Center for Nature and Leadership (CNL) in 2008 to blend traditional leadership development with scientific findings on the beneficial effects of Nature on humans. Helping others see the wisdom of Nature at work in their own lives so that they can become better stewards of what they love, and cultivating leaders who stand firmly on their authenticity to bring new visions into reality with others, is her passion and expertise.


Nicki Davey

Nicki’s purpose is to help to make the world a better place through working with individuals, teams and organizations so that they lead with courage, wisdom, compassion and vision; recognise, value and harness diversity; and respect and value each other and the planet in all their activities and interactions. Nicki is founder of Saltbox Training & Events and believes that learning should be a joy and an adventure. She creates transformative learning experiences by enabling people to learn in, with, and from nature, and she draws inspiration from the creative arts, ancient wisdoms, neuroscience and psychology. Nicki is the author of the Holistic Learning Handbook and is passionate about creating deep, meaningful learning experiences by engaging the whole learner – body, mind, heart, and spirit.

“The Generative Council creates this rich long pause. There is so much wisdom in the pause. Wisdom from the other women, from nature and from myself sitting in contemplation. Wisdom for what? To live more fully, more purposefully, and to be more present.”

Holly Braun