An Introduction to Nature Based Leadership Practices


July 28-30, 2023
Sherwood, OR

In-person weekend retreat

Join a cohort of women for wisdom as we retreat into the richness of summer

As modern life often urges us into a frenzied pace, you are invited to pause, to be fully present and immersed in the sensory gifts of summer. Wisdom and clarity are eagerly waiting to reveal themselves when we pause with intention. Groundwork is an opportunity to:

  • awaken your senses, enliven your spirit, and restore your personal wholeness,
  • establish a toolkit of essential nature-based leadership practices to refine your unique leadership style, and
  • create an intention statement that serves as a “north star” in your personal and professional development.

The sessions will include a mix of solo nature-based practices and community conversation to deepen personal insights.

Friday, July 28 – Coming Alive through your Senses

Saturday, July 29 – Recapturing a Sense of Wonder, Listening to Earth’s wisdom

Sunday, July 30 – Taking our Learning Forward 

“This program allowed me to discover new and deepen existing leadership skills. The solos in nature were rejuvenating and revealed new insights.”


Christi Granstaff, Franklin, Tennessee

Your Guides

Alix Lefler

I am a life coach, project manager, and certified scrum master. At the heart of my work is a passion for deeply listening to where people are, where they want to go, and what’s standing in their way. My connection to nature came later in life. Feeling trapped in a relationship and lifestyle that no longer served me, I took to the trails and let the wisdom of animals, plants, rain, and sun remind me how to stay flexible and thrive. I believe we find the loudest answers to our deepest questions when we immerse ourselves in the natural world. We supercharge those questions and answers when we get vulnerable with a community of like minded humans that show up as mirrors and soft places to land when the going gets tough. I can’t wait to show up with you.

Holly Braun

I was fortunate to be part of the inaugural CNL cohort; throughout a decade of nature-based retreating, practicing solo and in the community of soulful women, I feel deeply rooted, abundantly fruitful and confident this richness is awaiting us all. Together we venture into the woods, quieting the clutter of our minds and trusting what arises. Retreating directly shaped my professional path: currently I work to decarbonize energy systems through industry collaboration, technology innovation and enabling wise policy; I’m excited to see how retreating clarifies your path.

Are You Ready?


$250 – $400

Sliding scale: You are free to select any price within this range. Choosing the high end allows us to build our organizational capacity to provide quality programming and award more scholarships for future program participants.

Interested, but the cost is prohibitive?   Learn about our scholarships here.  The mission of the Center for Nature & Leadership is to provide transformative experiences to diverse women leaders from all walks of life and locales, so no one will be turned away due to finances.


Complete the online registration by July 12, 2023. You will be directed to a payment page upon completion of your application form.  Once payment is received, we will send confirmation that your place is held.


Please bring your personal camping gear. If you do not own camping gear, we will attempt to accommodate rentals with advance notice.  A full packing list will be sent prior to the program. Delicious, plant-forward meals will be provided Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast. Dietary preferences will be accommodated and participants will share in the joy of cooking.

Photo credits, in order of appearance: Alix Lefler, Tegan Mierle, Alix Lefler, Holly Braun, Denys Nevozhai