2022 Programs

Ground Work: An Introduction to Nature-based Leadership (NBL)

This program establishes a toolkit of essential NBL practices that encourages the refinement of a unique, holistic leadership style and introduces participants to the value and importance of intention in their personal and professional life. Along with other outcomes, participants create an intention statement that serves as a “north star” for the issues most pertinent to each participant, and to their personal and professional development.
FORMAT: Virtual, with specific outdoor practices in your own region
TIMING: March through May 2022


Growing Your Best Self

This program helps program participants deepen their understanding of NBL through immersion in the Four Ways of Knowing. By doing so, participants integrate their NBL practices in a framework that supports them in bringing their intentions to life through development of a Road Map of intended future actions, and inviting Nature as personal mentor, model and mirror.
FORMAT: Virtual, with specific outdoor practices in your own region
TIMING: June through August 2022


Abundant harvest: Getting it Done

This new offering can best be viewed as an incubator for launching a new personal or professional initiative. A fallacy of many nature-based programs is that they support participants in the severance and liminal phases of a transformational journey, but lack the ongoing tactical perspective, mentoring and community support for manifesting and incorporating new ideas, revelations, and/or new projects into day-to-day life. This program provides the above, using live case studies and nature-based, MBA-like practices in a setting of mutual support to help you accomplish your goals.
FORMAT: Virtual, with specific indoor and outdoor practices in your own region
TIMING: September through December 2022

**The above three programs can be taken individually, or in sequence, depending on the needs of the participant.


Regenerative Leadership Year-Long: Building Diverse, Resilient, and Thriving Networks

This is a deep dive immersion into NBL that unfolds over an extended period of time through in-person and online gatherings. It comprises three extended (4-5 days) in-person gatherings, monthly online sessions, and on-going mentoring/coaching. It will introduce new practices, including an extended wilderness solo modeled after wilderness rites of passage programs. It will also provide participants the opportunity to deepen their unique leadership style through understanding of and immersion in the Four Ways of Knowing.
FORMAT: Blended – in-person & virtual
TIMING: 12 month overall duration starting in Sept 2022. 3 sessions in-person every 6 months at wilderness venues (Sept 2022, April 2023, Sept 2023), monthly virtual council sessions.

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