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December GC Nature Hour: The Wisdom of Trees and the Practice of Forest Bathing

December 8, 2022 @ 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM MST

Please join us as we learn about the wisdom of trees from GCC sister Sabine Glatz (GYBS Fall ’21, Abundant Harvest ’22)!

This event is open to everyone! For more information on how to join, please email [email protected]

The wisdom of trees and the benefits of forest bathing for your well-being

In times of stress the forest provides a great environment for deep relaxation. ‘Forest bathing’ is a Japanese practice of mindfully spending time in the forest with your senses wide open. Since the 1980s lots of research has been done to proof the mental and physical benefits of ‘shinrin-yoku’ and paved the way for forest medicine and forest therapy.

Beyond the science and the effects of the forest on a physical and mental level, trees also have a gift for the soul. They support us with their energy and wisdom – if we are willing and open to listen to their message.

In this Nature Hour we will look at

·       the practice of forest bathing

·       the benefits for your health

·       how to receive a message from your soul tree

Today’s Nature Hour Host

Sabine Glatz (GYBS Autumn ’21, Abundant Harvest ’22)

Entrepreneur, Nature-Coach and PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Natur & Sein (link: www.natur-und-sein.de)

As a highly sensitive person (HSP) Sabine always had a deep connection to nature. She spent her childhood out and about exploring the forests surrounding her hometown in Bavaria, Germany. Later on, after becoming a graduate social pedagogue and working in Human Resources in the corporate world, she was on the edge of a burnout when she re-discovered this love for nature. She ultimately changed her life and became a certified Nature-Coach. These days she takes groups and teams to the forest explaining how ‘forest bathing’ can prevent burnout. She also offers personal and business coaching, mainly for women who want to live their full potential and overcome their fears and blockages by changing their subconscious beliefs in an easy way with the method PSYCH-K®.


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