Our Mission

To inspire visionary women with nature’s wisdom to catalyze generative leadership and nurture personal wholeness.

Our Values

Our Bold, Human, Audacious Goal!

Spark a new era of collective leadership that cultivates the
interdependence of thriving ecosystems, human and natural.

Guided by the UN Committee on Climate Change’s Sustainable Development Goals, we set out to
create an unstoppable network of nature-informed women leaders. As this remarkable human
ecosystem of interconnected, collaborative regional hubs grew, women came together to solve
problems and innovate in their local communities and built lasting bonds of trust and friendship.

Infused with the wisdom of nature and the spirit of doing what works, these women nurtured,
supported, encouraged, and challenged each other to make a bigger difference.

As the impact of our work grew, we transformed from a “center” to a collective. Now known as The
Generative Council Collective* we have become the most sought-after women’s leadership network in
the country. Our time-tested, nature-approved ways of leading have catalyzed a new era for humanity
and the planet. Like an old growth forest whose diverse array of trees provide the needed structure,
support, light, shade, food and energy for all other beings in the ecosystem, these women are
connected in their reciprocal and diverse strength.

The Generative Council Collective serves as an interconnecting root network, fostering a web of
reciprocity and symbiosis between its members, and ensuring a vibrant and resilient ecosystem.

The convening of women leaders across generations, sectors, and sociocultural barriers in nature-
centered council has become a guiding force for the transformation of human-made structures into
nature-wise systems that now sustain and inspire life on this planet.

*The Collective is a cooperative of organizations heeding and applying nature’s wisdom in both
professional and personal work.

Help Support the Generative Council Collective

By giving your time or funds, either as a one-time gift or a little every day as you shop can help to spark a new era of collective leadership that cultivates the interdependence of thriving ecosystems, human and natural.

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