Thriving as a Whole Woman

Embodying Nature’s Seasonal Wisdom and Creating a Community of Belonging






April 17th – 21st, 2024

Aravaipa Canyon Ranch, Winkelman, Arizona

Join with other like-minded women for support and wisdom
to reflect, revive and begin anew.

Please join the Center for Nature and Leadership (CNL) at this immersive in-person gathering on the wild desert lands of the Aravaipa Canyon, Arizona. We will convene as an intergenerational, cross-sectoral community of women leaders, reuniting existing members and welcoming newcomers as we strengthen the diversity of our networks and perspectives.

Led by skilled Center for Nature and Leadership guides, this program offers a deep immersion into nature’s seasonal wisdom (aka, the Four Ways of Knowing). By pairing this teaching with self-reflection, extended periods of time on the land, and practicing the art of sharing, listening, and mirroring each other’s stories, participants will find greater clarity, conviction and empowerment to manifest their most authentic selves and make a powerful difference in the world.

The process the leadership used in structuring this group to lead, activate, integrate, reflect, and share was incredible. Most Valuable was creating time and space to do SOLO journeys in nature. While I always knew intuitively that nature was a natural healer for me, creating this intention to see how it connected to the rest of my being was a great revelation.

Terra Shimada