Power Up!

Reclaiming the Three Faces of Feminine Power from the Masculine Paradigm


Denise Harrington, Host of Women Express™ podcast


October 29 and November 5, 2021

Join Denise Harrington and the Generative Council in this powerful two-part workshop!

What are the three faces of feminine power?

How can we name these powers within us and free them from the masculine paradigm?

Session 1 – October 29th 

The Three Faces of Power: Goddess, Boss, Bitch

The Goddess, Boss and Bitch. Ultimately, we have all three of these powers living within us. The point here is to change the perception about these women, upgrade them and free them from the masculine paradigm that sees each of the three in how they serve the masculine principle.  The Goddess – the pure untouched, on a pedestal and revered.  She is used to maintain the status quo. The Boss – She works hard, and labors measured in her approach, requiring no reward and often watching her work being claimed by others.  The Bitch – This wild and emotional woman needs to be silenced, stopped and downplayed, she is nasty and mean, out of control need to be alienated. What if we rename these women by helping them claim their rightful and truthful expression in us?  This talk will help us explore and reframe these three Muses in ourselves.

Your Guide – Denise Harrington

Denise Harrington is the host of the Women Express!™ podcast. Over thirty years ago, Denise Harrington launched a business that focuses on transforming the way that corporations and businesses communicate. She stepped on the stage of a major business club to give a speech on the “Art of Speaking with Impact” and on that day a company and legacy began! Denise, the owner of DMH Consulting Group, works with C-Suite Executives, Premier Athletes, and individuals, giving them the tools to capture their “Signature Style” and presence.


Session 2 – November 5th 

Creating I AM Statements

You are taking the journey to discover your “SuperPowers”, claiming the strength in who you are. You’ve worked on eliminating self-defeating concepts and learned to lead with power and courage. You are ready to establish your personal brand, by declaring who you are at your core in an “I Am statement, establishing an active expression and the power of who you are.  We will spend our time together diving deep integrating all your “selves”, creating your I am statement will give you the platform to unveil your Goddess, Boss and Bitch.  This will be an exciting moment!

Registration Details


Two 90-minute online sessions:
October 29, 2021, 2 – 3:30pm Eastern Time
November 5, 2021, 2 – 3:30 pm Eastern Time



$105 non-member rate

$95 GC member rate  

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Registration & Readiness

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