Name: Jessica Sherwood
City: Denver
State: CO
Phone: 720-480-1944
Education: B.A. History, University of Colorado – Boulder; M.S.W. Mandel School of Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

Job Title: Restorative Practices Program Manager at the Transformational Conflict Center; Founder & Principal at Mile High Conflict Transformation
Job Description: 
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: I thrive on working with teams to help committed people conceive ideas and find practical ways to get those ideas into communities and into action.
INNOVATIVE THINKING: Coming from the social worker perspective, I look for ways to help people achieve goals creatively. Innovation in my world is pragmatic, based on core competencies and designed to move people forward.
HUMAN RESOURCES: Finding ways to help people open up communication and connect with each other to get work done. As the RP Program manager, I direct, coordinate and implement the program model in schools and through onsite trainings. I administer readiness assessments to schools and provide ongoing coaching and in-school support. I oversee 20 adjunct faculty members, interns and volunteers, and am responsible for scheduling, budgeting and continued professional development trainings in facilitation skills. I have grown the program from three schools to over forty through outreach and marketing by forming strong relationships with schools, administrations and districts. Highlighting data-driven areas of success for funders through data collection and evaluation and improving training materials to respond to best practices are both responsibilities of mine. Finally, I represent the Conflict Center in the community through networking and presentations across the state.

MILE HIGH CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION: My practice specializes in family and community conflict. Accomplishments include – successful year-long team-building and conflict resolution with the City of Denver, the local labor union and SMG Group; Created and implement restorative justice practices plan in New Legacy Charter School in Aurora, CO; Resolution without litigation in over 85% of cases; /created family coaching system for blending families. Alternative dispute resolution mediator in Denver County Court system for wide-ranging client and case base.
I offer to give in the following areas: Conflict transformation, mediation work with authenticity and vulnerability.  

I am looking for support in the following areas: Guidance and wisdom in finding sustainable work more aligned with my value system.