Name: Heather Schrock
City: Portland
State: OR
Phone: 503-754-7286
Email: or
Education: Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance

Job Title: Director, Environmental Partnerships at Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Job Description: My primary role is to develop and maintain relationships with entities such as corporations, small businesses, universities and other nonprofits to help them understand their environmental impacts around carbon, energy and water. I often engage in educational workshops and sessions with partners to teach them about Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Water Footprinting. I also engage partners on behalf of the Change The Course and CE: Clean Energy, Bright Futures Programs as part of the holistic approach to representing Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s suite of sustainability solutions. I have a diverse background in sustainability, marketing, networking, outreach, public speaking and sales and worked as the Regional Manager of the Re Direct Guide and on the Board of the Portland Green Drinks and Voice for Oregon Innovation and Sustainability.

I offer to give in the following areas: I will always sing for my GC sisters! I can also help others learn how to be better at self-care. I give good hugs.

I am looking for support in the following areas: Just someone to listen sometimes!