Sparking a new era of collective leadership that cultivates the interdependence of thriving ecosystems, human and natural.


Vision Framework

Check out how we will accomplish this big, human, audacious goal!




Give Funds

Your financial contribution makes a difference in many ways, for example:

Program Access

Supports program scholarships, ensuring that all women have access to nature-based leadership training and support

Capacity Building

Furthers our campaign to deliver programming to women leaders everywhere by investing in our administrative systems and staff.

Give Every Day

One-time gifts make a splash, but giving each day creates the ripples we love!  Here are ways that you can give each time you shop.

Pennies From Your Pocket

Donate your spare change from credit and debit transactions or give when it moves you.

Download the app here and enter “Center for Nature and Leadership” in the search bar.

Download the app here and enter “Institute for Nature and Leadership” in the search bar.


Give While You Shop

It’s the same Amazon you know, with the same products and prices, and 0.5% of each purchase price is donated back to the Center for Nature and Leadership. Click on the Smile logo below to get started!


Give Your Time

Your time is a valuable gift.  We’re always looking for community champions and gifts of your expertise.  We have several current needs and welcome all other contributions that inspire you! Please let us know how you would like to contribute. 

Virtual Program

Technology Angels

Minimum of two individuals.​ For their service, they are free to attend a future virtual GC program.

Virtual Program Guide Apprentices

For those of you interested in exploring a paid guide apprentice opportunity in 2021 please let us know.

GCC Community

Topic Tenders

Looking for women to take responsibility on the GCCollective (GCC) for a minimum of one of the ‘interest topics’. This would include posting a new article/feature at minimum weekly, nurturing ongoing discussion. Perhaps you’d like to partner with others on a specific topic.


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