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When was the last time you stopped and listened? Long enough for the busyness of your mind to fade. Long enough to hear the dance of the aspen leaves on the trees. Long enough to let your inner voice be heard?

When was the last time you let yourself sit with your thoughts? Completely disconnected from technology and completely connected to yourself and your surroundings?

The secret to creating inspired change in yourself and your communities isn’t to simply push yourself harder.

It’s to stop and listen.

There’s a deep intelligence, purity, and wisdom in the space before thoughts. Where confidence is abundant, and innovation and creativity occur effortlessly.

It goes beyond logical and strategic thought. It’s a place of clarity, where you know what allows you to thrive and what should be left to others. When you dare to let your mind wander down new paths, amazing things begin to unfold.

So how do you open the door to this (sometimes elusive) place of insight?

You join together with others who care passionately about being on the same journey, and see it from different vantage points in places that inspire reflection, insight, and connection.

The Generative Council is a multigenerational community of generous and diverse women in nature.

With nature as our first and greatest mentor, and the latest professional development tools in-hand, we’ll explore new ways of being in relationship with ourselves, our work, each other and the land. Whether you’re starting your career, considering ways to give back, or somewhere in between, the Generative Council will provide you with vibrant, new approaches to problem-solving and a deep network of brilliant engaged women leaders. The result: You’ll show up as a heart-forward, generative leader to create inspired change in your life and the communities you work and live in.
The Generative Council has been extremely helpful in assisting me with clarity and to be at peace with where I am right now in my “third act.”.

– Bernell Grier

The Council helps me bring deep commitment and passion to the world of work. It’s helped me focus on doing work that matters, without fear. This has been hugely influential as I’ve transitioned to a new career.

– Kathy Hipple

The Generative Council creates this rich long pause. There is so much wisdom in the pause. Wisdom from the other women, from nature and from myself sitting in contemplation. Wisdom for what? To live more fully, more purposefully, and to be more present.

– Holly Braun

The circle of women, the warm embrace of the Earth, the open valley in contrast with the mountains reaching skyward, the protocols and structures, the balance of process time and time in solo was superb.

– Jennifer Seydel

Forget what you know about leadership development

This isn’t your typical, one-time leadership retreat or program.

It’s a living, breathing community of professional women who intuitively understand that leadership is not the act of leading others — it’s the courage and humility to follow what is true.

No boundaries. No judgment. No ego. Just a safe and wild space for reflection, exploration and discovery.

The only prerequisite is your genuine willingness to give what you can and take what you need from this incredible, wise and diverse group of women leaders from across generations and professional settings.

The Experience


It’s more than a network. It’s an ever-growing community of professional women who’ve shared the same nature-based experience and who know you well enough to serve as advisors whenever you’re in need. (You won’t get that at a conference or retreat.)


Women (like you) who are inspired to make their lives, their work, and their communities better. We do our best to ensure diversity of age, professions, life experience, and cultural and ethnic background.


Imagine knowing that you have the opportunity to invest in yourself with four days of creative focus and blissful solitude every six months.

Four days to get out town, completely disconnect from technology and your to-do list, and connect to yourself and your surroundings.

Can you really say “no” to that?


We’ll gather in different venues of wild magnificence to expand your diverse, creative connections to Nature.

Current members include leaders from

And other forward-thinking businesses, solo-preneurs, and individual women who value investing in their leadership.

Developed by Beverly Winterscheid, Ph.D. and Darcy Winslow

I reached out to Darcy with a vision I had been holding after years as an MBA professor teaching leadership in stuffy classrooms. I envisioned a space where people could focus on the topics that were most important to them.

A women-only professional network — distinctively different — by meeting in wild venues where people shed their roles, to-do items, and technology, free to focus on the topics most important in their lives…leadership development, change management, personal growth and life planning.

She immediately “got it” and from there, we co-designed the Generative Council experience.

Can you tell me more about who’s participated in the past?

From access to clean drinking water in India, to global reproductive health, food programs, public education, conservation, sustainable financing, and scholarships for adolescent girls in Africa, the women of the Generative Council are championing inspiring initiatives for businesses across the country.

While the reach of some members extends across the globe, others are making their impact closer to home, embracing new roles as caregivers, or exploring solo-preneurial opportunities on the side.

After ten years, one thing is clear. The formula of the Generative Council works. Members from all regions of the country keep returning for the annual national gatherings, typically held each fall. At virtual gatherings and in person. Eagerly awaiting the opportunity to connect with each other and the land.

A true testament to the power of bringing together inspired women leaders in nature!

What if I’m in transition and trying to figure out my next move?

Then honestly, this is the place for you. Sometimes when we’re trying re envision ourselves our day-to-day networks just don’t cut it. Instead of only seeing you for who you are now, the Council sees you for who you want to become. And supports you as you move towards your new vision.

How much does it cost?

Your investment in any of our virtual programs ranges from $290 to $375 depending on the program, which includes all virtual sessions, materials, and one on one time with our program guides.

If you want to invest in yourself, but simply can’t swing the entire bill right now, we totally understand. You’re the reason we developed a generative scholarship fund. We know once you’re in the position to pay it forward, you will. Until then, you can use this form to let us know your current situation.

If you happen to already be in a position to pay it forward, consider supporting an emerging woman through our scholarship fund.

I would love to speak with people who have already participated. Can I do that?

Absolutely. There are plenty of Council members who will gladly chat with you, give you a sense of how they were feeling before they signed up and be present to address any questions, concerns, doubts or hesitations you may have. Just shoot us a note at and we’ll be happy to connect you.

I’m a baby boomer and am winding up my career. Is there a place for me?

This is the beauty of the Generative Council! You’re in the midst of new career and life transitions that everyone benefits from. You can now take the time to mentor others, consider encore careers, reflect on other aspects of your life that deserve attention, or other contributions to your community that you might like to make. Most of these experiences will be new and different, and you’ll have the space and insight from others to map your next steps.

I still have more questions. Can I talk to you?  

Without hesitation! Just reach out to us at and we’ll find a time to connect.