Generative Council Scholarship Application

You’re here. You’re interested. And you can’t wait to see what this multigenerational leadership community of generous and wildly diverse women is all about! Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, and are subject to the available funds each year. Scholarships will be awarded in April 2018.

Before you dive in: This form is a bit lengthy, not because we want to make the process complicated, but because we genuinely want to make sure this community is a good fit for you and us.

There is a save and continue later option at the bottom of this form. We recommend however to copy your answers down in a separate document just in case.  We would hate for you to have to repeat the form.

*** Please READ - program terms and mutual commitments ***





Our Mutual Commitments to Each Other

When you join the Generative Council, you are joining a community of women leaders who highly value your participation, whether that be at our three face-to-face gatherings or in our monthly check-ins.  Simply put, we, as a community, thrive on active presence.  And while the focus of GC is on your personal priorities for development, you will come to find that the voice and perspective of others, especially the collective, is what may be most valuable for you.  That is why your decision to honor all meeting dates is so important.  Our mutual commitments are designed to serve this value.

Your registration for Generative Council 4.0, which runs from May, 2018 through April, 2019 is complete, and your place is reserved when we have received all of the following:

– Your deposit of 50% of the total tuition, or $2250

– Registration and Personal Release Forms with signature (either electronic or actual signature)

– Your Generative Council Bio Book entry with photo

Once we receive this information we will confirm your place via email and let you know next steps and target dates.

The Generative Council is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage early registration to secure your place and to provide sufficient preparation time. For the safety of all participants, especially you, we require that you are in good physical, mental and emotional health. The Generative Council may be physically and psychologically challenging at times. If we feel that there is something preventing your full participation based on our assessment of these or other criteria, we will seek to find a shared solution with you.  



Your full tuition payment of $4500 is expected by March 15th, 2018.  We’re happy to process your payment electronically via PayPal.  If you prefer to pay via personal or corporate check, please contact us.  Your tuition payment provides you with:

  • All guiding fees and materials, and pre-meeting prep for the three five-day gatherings to be held in May 2018, Sept/Oct 2018, and April 2019
  • Monthly virtual Council meetings and materials beginning with our kick-off call in April 2018
  • Leadership competency self-assessment that can include feedback from others, and interpretation/discussion with the program guides
  • Two hours of one-on-one coaching with the program guides
  • Monthly peer coaching to deepen into community
  • Monthly virtual councils to keep your energy and growth alive

Room, board and travel costs are not included.

Venue costs, which typically average $700,  are invoiced to you by us when we are required to pay them to each location, which is usually three months in advance of our meeting.  To make it easier for all of us, we will ask your permission to bill your credit card in the invoice, and the date that you wish that charge to be placed.  If you choose to pay venue costs by personal check, we must receive your check by the invoice payment date.  If we do not receive your check by that date, you will be expected to make arrangements for your own accommodations.  



We realize that you are making a very important and precious commitment of your time, energy and finances to the Generative Council.  And your satisfaction is of our utmost importance.  If, after you have participated in our kick-off call and all of the prep and face-to-face activities of our first meeting and you are not satisfied, we will ask to have a video meeting with you to fully understand your perspective.  If, after that call, you and the guides agree that the Generative Council experience is not right for you, you will promptly receive a tuition refund for the remaining two gatherings.  




Your decision to enroll in the Generative Council represents a commitment to yourself, your fellow Generative Council members, and to us.  We can tell you that it is common, even appropriate, for people to feel some fear and resistance especially as the start date gets closer.  Prior to our kick-off date in May, life may present significant obstacles (real as well as imagined, inner as well as outer). These apparent obstacles arise quite commonly and we believe that they are an important part of the experience.

If notice of cancellation is received less than 30 days from the start of the Generative Council in May, 2018,  all payment is forfeited.  This includes your tuition as well as room and board.

If notice of cancellation is received at least 30 days prior to the start of the May 2018 GC, your tuition deposit will be forwarded as a credit to the next cohort launch of the Generative Council. All payment over and above the deposit amount will be refunded to you upon receipt of your cancellation.  

If you choose not to participate in that next launch of GC, your tuition deposit will be forfeited.  



If the minimum number of people are not registered for the Generative Council 60 days prior to the start date in May, the start of Cohort 4.0 will be delayed.  If delayed for a start date later in 2018, we will assume that you will want us to hold your deposit and place in the Council, unless you tell us otherwise.  

The Center for Nature & Leadership is not responsible for travel arrangements made before we confirm that the program has sufficient enrollment.



By completing the registration form, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to all of the CNL policies listed above.



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