Name: Cary Gaunt, Ph.D. Antioch University
City: Keene
State: NH
Phone: 802-734-5009
Education: MA Williams College, MA University of Maryland, Ph.D. Antioch University.

Job Title and Description: Director of Campus Sustainability, Keene State University. Cary focuses her professional and academic lens on ways to cultivate resilient, sustainable and thriving people and places. For years she led watershed planning and management initiatives as a consultant to myriad governmental and non-governmental organizations in some of the nation’s premier watersheds (e.g., Chesapeake Bay, Columbia River, Lake Tahoe, and Cook Inlet, Alaska). This work remains a passion for her even as she expands her expertise to explore the human behavior dimensions of sustainability, as well as ways individuals and communities build resilience to changing environmental conditions. Cary also teaches sustainability leadership, policy, and practice and researches the ways individuals, organizations, and communities become ecologically awakened and committed to a sustainable way of life.

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