Abundant Harvest

A nurturing space for launching a new personal or professional initiative






Fall 2024

Six virtual gatherings. Weekly trail guides for your journey. Community coaching. Six months of monthly check-ins following the program.

This offering provides a nurturing space for launching a new personal or professional initiative. Many programs support participants in the beginning phases of a transformational journey, but lack the ongoing tactical perspective, mentoring and community support for manifesting and incorporating new ideas, revelations, and/or new projects into day-to-day life. Abundant Harvest provides the above, using live case studies and nature-based personal and leadership practices in a setting of mutual support to help you accomplish your goals. By completing this program, you gain membership to the Generative Council Collective, an ongoing community support service offered by the Center for Nature and Leadership.

Here is what you get:

Applied Nature-Based Leadership Practices

  • Experience applying proven practices that support you and others in your circle in all facets of imagining, planning for, and implementing your initiative
  • Creating a “getting it done” nature-based toolkit that meets your needs

Skilled Facilitators, Guides, and Mentors

  • Skilled facilitation and coaching support from Center for Nature and Leadership guides, who will lead each session and provide one-on-one coaching during the program and for six monthly sessions afterwards
  • Special guest guides from the Generative Council community who provide insights from their successful launches of personal and/or professional initiatives
  • Concluding panel discussion of lessons learned and keys to success from Generative Council guest guides

Ongoing Support

  • An online community to support you in clarifying your initiative and moving it from planning to implementation
  • Online platform to share ideas and information
  • Ongoing monthly support for the first six months following completion of the program
  • Membership in the Generative Council Collective, an ongoing community support service offered by the Center for Nature and Leadership


4 online 90-minute sessions starting at 12pm ET

2 online 120-minute sessions starting at 12pm ET

2-4 hours per week of self-guided work with optional coaching. Program is followed by 6 months of ongoing support.

During our time together, you will:

  • Develop a compelling vision and prepare the ground so that the seeds of your initiative have the greatest chance of moving from insight to impact.

  • Articulate a clear and compelling story about your initiative.

  • Learn radical listening and other ways to honor earth and the people and places your initiative affects.

  • Create a nature-based plan to grow your idea into reality.

  • Tend and maintain your garden, your initiative, as you bring your best ideas practically into the world in ever-widening circles of awareness and influence.

  • Build interdependent networks for success by nurturing your relationship ecosystem.

  • Discover resources needed to succeed.

  • Share your initiative with others.

  • Sustain momentum, clarity, personal well-being and wholeness amidst the grind of “getting it done.”

  • Transform adversity.

  • Engage in compassionate accountability, the discipline that is needed to create a flourishing garden.

Your Guides

Cary Gaunt, Ph.D.

Two great loves comprise the heart of who I am and the work I do in the world. One is a profound connection with the earth forged by my childhood on a small farm and honed through a lifetime of listening to the land, exploring, and living in natural places. The other is a deep spirituality comprised of contemplative and nature-based practices, Soulcraft™, spiritual discernment, and wilderness rites of passage. I weave these two great loves in my work as a sustainability leader and contemplative practitioner and teacher. My commitment is to support organizations and individuals in moving beyond sustainability to restoration and flourishing.

Kim Slack, M. Ed.

I am an engineer-turned-science educator and nature-based leadership guide. My 12 years of work as a civil/environmental engineer in the U.S., Kenya, and Haiti bring a practical and culturally responsive lens to my work as an educator, guide, and servant leader. I am wholeheartedly committed to nurturing healthy relationships between humans and nature through immersive, nature-based, experiential education that is accessible to all learners. I am most alive when I’m wandering wild spaces of all sorts, from glorious expanses of wilderness to the overgrown back alleyway behind my house. I am humbled and honored to serve this community of visionary, radical, and powerful women.

Guest Guides from our Generative Council Community

Special guest guides from our Generative Council community who have successfully launched and maintained personal and/or professional initiatives will share their wisdom.