YOU are a smart woman leader with multiple responsibilities, deep caring and a passion for making a difference.
YOU are personally motivated to solve pressing, complex problems for your organization or community.
YOU believe you would benefit from a council of peers to provide perspective, advice and support.
YOU know you cannot do this alone.

Just image a gathering of like-minded women professionals, with one goal in mind: to reflect, share and act on our unique responsibility as women leaders working to change the world for the better within an established community of shared empowerment and resources.

The Generative Council is a cross-sectoral (business, education, NGO, health-care, philanthropic) and cross-generational community of 12 women who say yes to this experience and invest in a two-year commitment of 2 in-person gatherings each year, supported by an online community platform of leadership resources and monthly one-hour calls.

We’ll gather in venues of wild magnificence to mirror the human work that is coming forward, so that Gaia can take her rightful place as a member of this distinctive group.

You get leading-edge personal leadership development resources to support your vision and time away from technology to redirect your energy towards nature-based learning, inviting breakthrough creativity and clarity – with tangible next steps for your work.

Fully step into your personal leadership capacity by speaking, listening, reflecting, challenging and sharing of mind, heart and resources—being in right relationship with Self, other Council members, our human community, the land and our fellow species.

Invest In Yourself. Reconnect With Nature. Invite Breakthrough.

Join like-minded women professionals in a multi-generational, cross-sectoral Council to fully step into your personal leadership capacity and reflect on your unique responsibility as woman leader working to the change world.


Because the world’s problems cannot be solved with the same consciousness, power- brokers and organizations that have created them. The time for ‘business as usual’ no longer serves us. The Dalai Lama has stated: “The world needs leaders with compassion. And that means the world needs more female leaders.”


“The Generative Council is far exceeding my expectations! I have such big ideas about what I want to do for my community and the world that I have pushed myself beyond my limits without nurturing myself adequately. This Council is providing me with a space and support network to achieve my self care during this phase in my life so that I may go out and tend to those big ideas in a more holistic, systemic and sustainable manner.”


Each biannual meeting of The Generative Council will focus on one of the natural metaphors of earth, wind, air, water and fire, and will include:

Structured and emergent time in small and whole group focused on individual and collective leadership development regarding the topics raised by each member.

Solo time on the land using the principles and practices of nature-based leadership development designed to evoke shifts in individual & collective consciousness, action, creativity and commitment.

A natural and social history of the venue’s region so that Council members are inspired and challenged by the human and natural forces in each unique location

The collective wisdom that emerges from the Council itself

Room and board in simple, comfortable accommodations that support connection to place.


“There are so many things I love about the Generative Council: The blend of individual and group time is in total balance. The openness of each woman, the respected trust circle we’ve molded. The guidance of Beverly and Darcy is outstanding. Gaia is our center as we listen and learn. An added perk is the amazing locations – so stimulating – along with the focus the theme and elements bring to each gathering.”