Did you ever stop to consider how solo time in nature serves more than just you? 

At this time on the planet, the human species is being required to come back in harmony & balance with all of Life.  John P.  Milton, one of my teachers and a member of the Center for Nature and Leadership’s fearless visionaries shares his years of experience leading people on vision quests, and sacred passages in this short video.

Solo time in nature is a profound act of leadership development, one that we specialize in.  As John describes, the goal of solo time in nature is to move into deep communion with all of Life by making connection alone in nature and with an open heart.  He believes that Mother Earth is looking for good human voices to speak through so she can express her creativity on how humans can come back into harmony with the rest of the natural world.  It requires the willingness to rest in the natural connectedness of inner and outer nature.

How do humans create this connectedness?   Watch this profound, short video to find out.  Then go out and see what Mother Earth is asking of you.

Enjoy the weekend!




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Beverly Winterscheid

Beverly Winterscheid Beverly Winterscheid, Ph.D. is the Founding Partner of the Center for Nature & Leadership, the Leadership Professor at the Bard Sustainability MBA in Manhattan, and the originator of nature-based leadership development. She's combined a career as a business exec with that of developing the current and next generation of leaders, who our world so desperately needs. Her specialty is assisting people in seeing and fulfilling their largest potential in service to the world's greatest needs. She does this through personal coaching, programs at the Center for Nature and Leadership, her writing and speaking engagements, and through the Daughters of Toleza Scholarship Fund, which assists needy Malawian women to obtain a secondary education, which she co-founded. When she's not helping fearless leaders, you can find her sailing on the Chesapeake Bay or in the San Juan Mountains in SW Colorado any time of year! Contact her at beverly@natureleadership.org. View all posts by Beverly Winterscheid

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