As we begin 2016, it’s clear, now more than ever, that the world needs our best dreaming, our best thinking and our best actions. For each of us to step out collectively and individually, it’s important for us to be:

…recognized for and cultivate the talents and skills we need to lead with our hearts as well as our minds

…held to our best self by others whose opinions we respect

…able to get honest feedback on our audacious ideas, and try out new versions of our future selves without judgment

…connected with like-minded leaders in a virtual and face-to-face venues.

We know the power of such a community. We’ve seen the difference such a community makes through our past programming. We’ve seen how such a community transforms goals and dreams into meaningful actions that make a difference in the lives of dear friends and their local communities.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate exec, an NGO leader, savoring an encore career, or a new parent taking time off from your job to see what new career avenues emerge, you deserve a community of friends and colleagues that provides camaraderie, support and resources, and a place where you can reach out, be heard and get feedback – in a neutral setting. Because, let’s face it, the journey can be lonely at times.

Now is the time to connect, with nature, our inner knowing, and with a community of like-minded and supportive friends and colleagues. That’s why this year we’re focusing our energy on offering you new experiences and new ways to connect:

#OneWeek Challenges
Virtual one week challenges with daily commitments on special topics to hold ourselves accountable and share successes.

#OpenNature Councils
A new, virtual version of our face to face programming where we set a common block of time to experience Nature close to home and then gather virtually to hold Council to share insights on our sacred connection with Nature, each other and all creation.

Virtual Work Hours
Perfect for solopreneurs or anyone who wants to dedicate one hour to work on a specific task, with the accountability and support/celebration of others doing the same…believe us, this works!

One-Day Regional Gatherings
Connect with other members of the Center for Nature and Leadership community face-to-face on the land. This year we’re focusing on New England and Colorado.

Generative Council 3.0
Be one of the twelve talented women dedicated to bringing sustainability leadership to their work and lives by joining this year’s new cohort, beginning Fall 2016.

We look forward to connecting with you in new ways and witnessing the difference we can make individually and collectively in 2016! Let us know what is urgent and top of mind for you right now, too.

Here’s to a healthy, joyous and thriving year,

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Lindsay Fahey

Lindsay Fahey I believe our best work is rooted in collective experience and connection with nature. But creating change in ourselves and the world around us isn't easy. What helped me get to where I am today? Community and time in nature. That's why I've dedicated myself to inspiring fellow twenty-somethings to bring forth their personal vision for change, by creating a safe and supportive community that encourages exploration, innovation and experimentation. View all posts by Lindsay Fahey

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