Visionary work requires diversity of perspective. But often our established networks simply don’t give us the opportunity to engage with multi-generational and cross-sectoral ChangeMakers. That’s where the Ignite Council comes in.

We’re calling together current and emerging leaders who are working to bring about more sustainable organizations and communities. Past program participants have included entrepreneurs from a variety of businesses including: Dannon, Google, Noosphere Marketing, Northwest Natural, The Packard Foundation, Portland School System, Reebok, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, State Farm Insurance, Twitter, and United Technologies.

By connecting with local ChangeMakers in nature, you get the support, mentorship and accountability to make bolder, more effective and lasting change in the community that matters most to you.

Invest In Yourself. Reconnect With Nature. Invite Breakthrough.

Join like-minded professionals in a multi-generational, cross-sectoral Council to fully step into your personal leadership
capacity and make a quantum leap in realizing your vision for impact.

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Connect With A Diverse Group Of ChangeMakers

Time away from technology to redirect your personal energy.
Solo time on the land designed to evoke shifts in consciousness.
Dedicated time to focus on your personal development.
Accountability, support and mentorship from like-minded people.


In nature. In your local community. And from the comfort of your home.

Biannual face-to-face gatherings in inspiring natural venues for two consecutive years.
One-hour, monthly virtual gatherings to keep the energy, support and collaboration flowing.
24/7 private online community of support and resources.


Multi-Generational and Cross-Sectoral

Get outside your existing network and connect with ChangeMakers across business, education, healthcare, non-profit, and government sectors.
Engage in experiences that will provide new ways of problem solving.
Leverage and share wisdom across generations.


Make lasting and effective change

Austin, TX · Boston, MA · Denver, CO · Vermont

With four face-to-face gatherings and ongoing monthly support, you’ll get the inspiration and resources you need to become a more effective steward of yourself, your community and the world.

Ignite Breakthrough Thinking and Action

Ignite is a unique advisory council in nature, designed to support each member to live into their highest possibility. Instead of being defined by who you are in the present, you are seen for who you want to become. Dedicate space and time to your personal development, draw on the diverse wisdom and expertise of others and invite breakthrough thinking by joining a local network of like-minded peers.


The Council is about courage. Courage to be in the place the universe has asked you to be in and to take that step of trust.

Chris Schneider

I’m figuring out what I want to do next and how I’m going to get there. And this has been the best group to figure things out in.

Nicole Hade

Working with CNL and Beverly was one of the most valuable experiences for me thus far. She challenged our group to go deeper and find the fearless leader within. Most importantly, she guided me in truly understanding what it means to flourish inwardly and out in the world.

Molly Ernst-Apler

I knew I had to see what this was all about. Our time together has helped to prepare me for the next stage in my life and in taking the leadership I want to take in the world.

Liz Walker

The dynamic mixture of group time with personal reflection opportunities was productive and memorable. The setting was beautiful and added immensely to the weekend. I solidified and recommitted to my intentions and goals, and felt closer to my true self and purpose than I had in a long time.

Brooke Meakins

Taking the time to sit and contemplate the questions that were coming up for me from the group exercises helped me to better articulate and understand my role in the natural world around me.


Your Guides

Beverly Winterscheid, Ph.D.

I change the world one person at a time as a: cultivator and convener of fearless leaders everywhere; urban wilderness guide; former Leadership Development Prof in the Sustainability MBA programs at Bard and Marlboro Colleges; and former corporate executive.

My motto: Life is short. Why spend it in service to something other than who and what you care most about?

Lindsay Fahey

I believe our best work is rooted in collective experience and connection with nature. But creating change in ourselves and the world around us isn’t easy. I learned this first-hand after leaving behind a successful corporate career as a Brand Strategist.

What helped me get to where I am today? Community and time in nature.

That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to inspiring fellow twenty-somethings to bring forth their personal vision for change, by creating a safe and supportive community that encourages exploration, innovation and experimentation.

Jodi Clark

I am a passionate community-minded teacher, inspired by the magic groups of deeply engaged co-creators can achieve. My own practice of co-creation includes teaching and performing improv theater, singing in choirs, and supporting community-based collaborations.

We need to be our best selves in order to do our best work. I discovered natural settings are some of the most powerful places to meet and cultivate our best selves. I am devoted to creating experiences and spaces which help others on their leadership journeys.