• Wisdom from a Mother’s Life

    As we celebrate a new year of light with the Winter Solstice, I wanted to share with you five lessons that I’ve gleaned from my Mother after sharing her life journey of 83 years as her eldest daughter. My hope in sharing these lessons is to share the gift of empowerment and inspiration my Mother gave to me so that you can make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.

  • What’s It All Worth? Measuring the ROE of Your Impact Story

    The change you seek to be, the change you create, is your most important asset. THIS is story that matters most. Try out these three ways of measuring the Return on Engagement of your impact story. And remember, regardless of how many hits, clicks or new clients your story produces, keep on planting the seeds of change!

  • What’s Your Clothesline Strategy?

    Don’t let the to-do list tragedy of generic content be your story. Be intentional, meaningful and strategic about the content you create to attract people to you and your personal brand. Learn how to define your “clothesline” and easily discern which stories should see the light of day.

  • Who’s Listening? Content Strategy 101

    There is nothing more disappointing than the realization that no one has clicked or liked the Facebook post you spent 30 minutes creating. Make your content rich, exciting and newsworthy by integrating these simple tips. If you don’t keep your audience in mind, your story (and hard work) is likely to be ignored!

  • Telling Your Story on Purpose

    Does anyone really care what you have to say in 140 characters? Even if they do, how do you know which stories to share and which to keep to yourself? Our monthly storytelling tips from B Storytelling will empower the way you talk, write about and lead your work and help you measure the impact of your story’s reach.

  • The ABC’S Of Writing Into Truth

    We don’t have to know something to write; we write to know something. Writing down the discoveries our attention brings us takes us a step closer toward trusting our findings and taking action.