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  • Energizing Change

    Many of the changes happening today have big stakes associated with them—both for the future health of our communities and organizations, and for the way we approach some of the most important social and public issues of our time. The outcomes matter a great deal, but the way we get there matters too. How are you energizing change?

  • Making Your Strengths Matter

    You’ve probably been asked on more than one occasion to describe your strengths. Often our answer is a well rehearsed recitation, that serves the listener not us. But by opening yourself up to a fresh inquiry of what is most alive for you now, you can use this question to your benefit. Are you use using your strengths to tackle problems that matter to you? Find out!

  • Just Imagine: The Urgency of Now

    It’s clear, now more than ever, that the world needs our best dreaming, our best thinking and our best actions. Now is the time to connect, with nature, our inner knowing, and with a community of like-minded and supportive friends and colleagues.

  • Wisdom from a Mother’s Life

    As we celebrate a new year of light with the Winter Solstice, I wanted to share with you five lessons that I’ve gleaned from my Mother after sharing her life journey of 83 years as her eldest daughter. My hope in sharing these lessons is to share the gift of empowerment and inspiration my Mother gave to me so that you can make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.

  • The Bold Truth of Being A Change Agent

    Telling the truth keeps us in rooted in our own power, keeps us connected to others, and allows us to create the future we want to see. Generative Council member, Kendall Youngblood, challenges us to more frequently tell the truth about who we are, what we want and what the world we want to live in looks like. Are you a soothsayer?

  • Changing The World From Right Where You’re Standing

    We spend the majority of our time focused on the future, on what is to come. But we don’t have to wait for the future to arrive. This first-hand account from the earthquake in Nepal reminds us that we’re positioned to change the world from right where we’re standing.

  • Acting Now from the Emerging Future

    How do we lead from the emerging future in the midst of present day challenges? Karl Weick calls this future-perfect thinking. But can we really act as though the future we imagine has already been realized? Acting from the emerging future not only strengthens one of the four ways of knowing, but counteracts despair and disappointment about the current state of our surroundings. This practice empowers us to act strongly now from a place of personal vision and bring the future into our present reality. Try it now with this guided practice from Darcy Winslow!

  • An Unlikely Source of Inspiration, Insight & Courage

    Power for being a change agent comes from paying attention to your feelings…even the unpleasant ones like disappointment. In this week’s video blog, Kendall Youngblood distills what she’s learned about harnessing the power of disappointment so your change efforts can benefit from this, just as hers have.

  • What’s It All Worth? Measuring the ROE of Your Impact Story

    The change you seek to be, the change you create, is your most important asset. THIS is story that matters most. Try out these three ways of measuring the Return on Engagement of your impact story. And remember, regardless of how many hits, clicks or new clients your story produces, keep on planting the seeds of change!

  • Putting Your Triggers To Work

    Our unmet expectations, desires, and needs cause us to be triggered. Most times our reaction is simply avoidance. But what if instead of running away, we stepped up, shook hands with our triggers and thanked them for showing up? Learn how to put your triggers to work for, instead of against you!

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