Nature-Based Practices

  • Strength in Numbers: Let’s Turn Mentoring on its Head

    There’s another alternative to traditional mentoring.  The design is so simple that we’ve failed to see it because it’s all around us.  It’s nature. We’ve turned traditional mentoring on its head by using four of the nine laws of nature. Find out what the results is…

  • Mother Nature Amplified

    Sound is an incredibly important component of our lives. Each day we’re bombarded with the sounds we choose to listen to, and sometimes, those we don’t. Get away from the intense vibration of your day-to-day environment and connect with the low-frequency vibration of nature with this nature-based practice.

  • Your Summer Vacation To-Do List

    Don’t let the title fool you. This isn’t your typical to-do list. Whether you’re planning a big getaway or a series of mini staycations, Summer is the perfect opportunity to intimately connect to your surroundings and have a conversation with nature. Here are three nature-based practices you can easily integrate into your favorite vacation activities.

  • 3 Ways To Cultivate Your Inner Fearless Leader

    Being a “fearless leader” calls up all sorts of imagery and expectations based upon stories we’ve told ourselves or others have told us about our potential and capabilities. Have your personal stories kept you small or empowered you to be your largest self? Here are three of our best suggestions to help you cultivate the “fearless leader” inside of you.

  • Courage and Wholeness: Intentions Worth Keeping

    New Year’s resolutions seem like pass-fail, Type-A behavior, don’t they? As ChangeMakers, it’s important for us to be personally sustainable, to thrive, and to show up clear, strong and open to the people and causes that are important to each of us. What if instead of making a resolution, you set a series of intentions? Fuel your thinking to discover how setting intentions creates space for change and learning in 2015 with these questions.

  • 5 Books To Connect You To Nature

    Nature is our first and greatest mentor. It’s magnificence reminds us of our place in the natural order — helping us to think and act in ever-widening circles, considering the impact of our decisions on the more-than-human world. These five books highlight the important role nature plays in understanding ourselves, our role in the world and in providing solutions to the complex challenges of our time.

  • Finding Your Anchors

    As humans, we have the need to hold tight control over our lives. We expertly craft our lives like a curator in a museum. We carefully select each piece and spend countless hours contemplating their placement in the museum of our lives. It isn’t surprising then, that letting go of these expressions of life proves to be challenging. But what if we have to anchor ourselves, before we surrender to the sea?

  • What Happens When You Flush?

    Where does your water come from? When you flush, where do the solids go? What happens to the waste water? Find out how much you know about your human impact on the larger systems around you with this week’s bioregional quiz.

  • 10 Questions You Probably Can’t Answer About Home

    This week’s quiz will reveal how good you are at shifting your perspective from “ME” to “WE”. Greater awareness of the natural history and communities around you creates a spill-over effect, heightening your sensitivity to the human groups you live and work with.

  • The Matrix Of Place Quiz

    How much DON’T you know about the place you call home? Do you know about the dynamics of this larger system around you? Most of us are ignorant of this matrix. But it is the biggest interactive game there is. Test your knowledge with this week’s Matrix of Place Quiz!

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