• Leadership Development the Way Nature Intended

    What is leadership, anyways? It’s not a title or a position. It’s about stepping over a threshold. It’s about making a difference in your own life, the lives of others, in your community, organization, or in the world at large.

  • Strength in Numbers: Let’s Turn Mentoring on its Head

    There’s another alternative to traditional mentoring.  The design is so simple that we’ve failed to see it because it’s all around us.  It’s nature. We’ve turned traditional mentoring on its head by using four of the nine laws of nature. Find out what the results is…

  • Making Your Strengths Matter

    You’ve probably been asked on more than one occasion to describe your strengths. Often our answer is a well rehearsed recitation, that serves the listener not us. But by opening yourself up to a fresh inquiry of what is most alive for you now, you can use this question to your benefit. Are you use using your strengths to tackle problems that matter to you? Find out!

  • Mother Nature Amplified

    Sound is an incredibly important component of our lives. Each day we’re bombarded with the sounds we choose to listen to, and sometimes, those we don’t. Get away from the intense vibration of your day-to-day environment and connect with the low-frequency vibration of nature with this nature-based practice.

  • The #OneAction Pledge Starts Monday!

    Do you benefit from having accountability to get things done? Take one action for seven days to bring your purpose-driven future to reality. Join us to experiment with the progress you can make with one small action each day!

  • Let’s Get Personal About Sustainability

    Our ability to maintain an even or positive balance of personal energy is a critical starting point for making a difference in the world. Are your personal resources are in alignment with your values and goals? This activity will help you uncover how you’re currently using your precious and finite resources. It’s guaranteed to get you thinking about ways you can increase your own sustainability and effectiveness!

  • 3 Ways To Cultivate Your Inner Fearless Leader

    Being a “fearless leader” calls up all sorts of imagery and expectations based upon stories we’ve told ourselves or others have told us about our potential and capabilities. Have your personal stories kept you small or empowered you to be your largest self? Here are three of our best suggestions to help you cultivate the “fearless leader” inside of you.

  • Courage and Wholeness: Intentions Worth Keeping

    New Year’s resolutions seem like pass-fail, Type-A behavior, don’t they? As ChangeMakers, it’s important for us to be personally sustainable, to thrive, and to show up clear, strong and open to the people and causes that are important to each of us. What if instead of making a resolution, you set a series of intentions? Fuel your thinking to discover how setting intentions creates space for change and learning in 2015 with these questions.

  • Join the #ChangePledge Campaign

    Tweet for change by joining our #ChangePledge campaign. We’re working to create a scholarship fund for ChangeMakers in underserved populations who want to participate in CNL programs through a Twitter Giving Tree. Help us reach our goal of $5,000 by the end of the year. For each #ChangePledge we’ll done $1 on your behalf!

  • The Countries Speak: 27 Climate Change Pledges

    While commitment is noble, change requires action. As ChangeMakers we must hold ourselves and others accountable to our commitments. How will you hold these nations accountable?  How will you hold your own country’s leaders accountable? How will you let your local leaders know your concerns?  How will you be a catalyst for change?

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