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  • Energizing Change

    Many of the changes happening today have big stakes associated with them—both for the future health of our communities and organizations, and for the way we approach some of the most important social and public issues of our time. The outcomes matter a great deal, but the way we get there matters too. How are you energizing change?

  • The Heart of Transformation

    People embrace big challenges eagerly all time: we pick up and move for new jobs or opportunities, get married, have children, and do adventure sports. Why then do so few organizations tap into this natural, creative force-for-good of individuals at work? Jennifer Simpson, Generative Council member and partner at Conversant, is embarking on a two-year journey to look at how organizations can shift away from the death-and-dying approach to “change management” by tapping into energy-giving resources. What change story can you share with her?