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  • Strength in Numbers: Let’s Turn Mentoring on its Head

    There’s another alternative to traditional mentoring.  The design is so simple that we’ve failed to see it because it’s all around us.  It’s nature. We’ve turned traditional mentoring on its head by using four of the nine laws of nature. Find out what the results is…

  • Making Your Strengths Matter

    You’ve probably been asked on more than one occasion to describe your strengths. Often our answer is a well rehearsed recitation, that serves the listener not us. But by opening yourself up to a fresh inquiry of what is most alive for you now, you can use this question to your benefit. Are you use using your strengths to tackle problems that matter to you? Find out!

  • Wisdom from a Mother’s Life

    As we celebrate a new year of light with the Winter Solstice, I wanted to share with you five lessons that I’ve gleaned from my Mother after sharing her life journey of 83 years as her eldest daughter. My hope in sharing these lessons is to share the gift of empowerment and inspiration my Mother gave to me so that you can make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.

  • Let’s Get Personal About Sustainability

    Our ability to maintain an even or positive balance of personal energy is a critical starting point for making a difference in the world. Are your personal resources are in alignment with your values and goals? This activity will help you uncover how you’re currently using your precious and finite resources. It’s guaranteed to get you thinking about ways you can increase your own sustainability and effectiveness!

  • Get a Burst of Creative Energy

    This week’s Fearless Five features the creative energy of spring – ChangeMaker style. Do you notice some stirrings of dissatisfaction that won’t go away? Are you contemplating a change but keep waffling between status quo and the creative shift? If so, then these photo quotes are for you. Have some friends who feel stuck? Send these along to them to fuel their creative fire, too!

  • Courage and Wholeness: Intentions Worth Keeping

    New Year’s resolutions seem like pass-fail, Type-A behavior, don’t they? As ChangeMakers, it’s important for us to be personally sustainable, to thrive, and to show up clear, strong and open to the people and causes that are important to each of us. What if instead of making a resolution, you set a series of intentions? Fuel your thinking to discover how setting intentions creates space for change and learning in 2015 with these questions.

  • Take 5 Minutes To Help Us Change The World

    Some unsettling shifts have taken place. People have found themselves working for an organization whose values don’t match their own, or for a mission that they don’t believe is worth their precious life energy. Given the environmental and social changes that the world is experiencing, people are looking to better align their professional work to help address the world’s needs. Shape our programming by sharing your experience and feedback in our short 5 minute survey. We need to hear from those on the front lines of these issues!

  • What Happens When You Flush?

    Where does your water come from? When you flush, where do the solids go? What happens to the waste water? Find out how much you know about your human impact on the larger systems around you with this week’s bioregional quiz.

  • 10 Questions You Probably Can’t Answer About Home

    This week’s quiz will reveal how good you are at shifting your perspective from “ME” to “WE”. Greater awareness of the natural history and communities around you creates a spill-over effect, heightening your sensitivity to the human groups you live and work with.

  • The Matrix Of Place Quiz

    How much DON’T you know about the place you call home? Do you know about the dynamics of this larger system around you? Most of us are ignorant of this matrix. But it is the biggest interactive game there is. Test your knowledge with this week’s Matrix of Place Quiz!

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