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  • The Countries Speak: 27 Climate Change Pledges

    While commitment is noble, change requires action. As ChangeMakers we must hold ourselves and others accountable to our commitments. How will you hold these nations accountable?  How will you hold your own country’s leaders accountable? How will you let your local leaders know your concerns?  How will you be a catalyst for change?

  • Take 5 Minutes To Help Us Change The World

    Some unsettling shifts have taken place. People have found themselves working for an organization whose values don’t match their own, or for a mission that they don’t believe is worth their precious life energy. Given the environmental and social changes that the world is experiencing, people are looking to better align their professional work to help address the world’s needs. Shape our programming by sharing your experience and feedback in our short 5 minute survey. We need to hear from those on the front lines of these issues!

  • The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself

    Here is the most important question you can ask yourself to change the world: What emotion am I feeling? If your answer at this point is “confused”,  keep reading! In…