Thank you for the space you’ve held, the limits you’ve pushed, the stories you’ve shared and the wisdom that you’ve given.  Your imprint is everlasting.

The Matrix Of Place Quiz

How much DON’T you know about the place you call home? Do you know about the dynamics of this larger system around you? Most of us are ignorant of this matrix. But it is the biggest interactive game there is. Test your knowledge with this week’s Matrix of Place Quiz!

5 TED Talks To Jump Start Your Summer

Are you making your way through your Summer reading list? Switch it up and get a boost of creativity and inspiration by watching one of these thought provoking TED Talks.

Changing Yourself, Changing The World

I want a healthier world with confident people, especially women. So, I’ve started with myself. While they may seem insignificant, the small changes we make in our own lives inspire others. Our individual actions help us gain confidence and momentum towards living a life that is personally fulfilling and makes the world a better place.

How Deep Are Your Roots?

The Banyan reminds us that we are only as strong as our root system. Do any of your roots feel shaky? Which ones are holding you upright? How can you deepen them? This week’s nature-based friday practice encourages you to think about your roots this weekend!

5 Reasons To Spill Your Guts To A Complete Stranger

Eleven strangers have helped me discover who I am, what I’m capable of, and what my contribution to the world is. These women have unequivocally changed the course of my…