A multigenerational community of diverse and talented women who lead change by listening to themselves, each other and nature.

Inspired leaders, a deep network of mentors and personal advisors, and nature-based approaches to problem solving and innovation.

Leading Voices

Leadership Development the Way Nature Intended

What is leadership, anyways? It’s not a title or a position. It’s about stepping over a threshold. It’s about making a difference in your own life, the lives of others, in your community, organization, or in the world at large.

Strength in Numbers: Let’s Turn Mentoring on its Head

There’s another alternative to traditional mentoring.  The design is so simple that we’ve failed to see it because it’s all around us.  It’s nature. We’ve turned traditional mentoring on its head by using four of the nine laws of nature. Find out what the results is…

Energizing Change

Many of the changes happening today have big stakes associated with them—both for the future health of our communities and organizations, and for the way we approach some of the most important social and public issues of our time. The outcomes matter a great deal, but the way we get there matters too. How are you energizing change?

Making Your Strengths Matter

You’ve probably been asked on more than one occasion to describe your strengths. Often our answer is a well rehearsed recitation, that serves the listener not us. But by opening yourself up to a fresh inquiry of what is most alive for you now, you can use this question to your benefit. Are you use using your strengths to tackle problems that matter to you? Find out!

Just Imagine: The Urgency of Now

It’s clear, now more than ever, that the world needs our best dreaming, our best thinking and our best actions. Now is the time to connect, with nature, our inner knowing, and with a community of like-minded and supportive friends and colleagues.