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Can Your Long-Term Wishes Influence Today?

Everyday, we make decisions that steel ourselves from our humanity. Many of us unconsciously harden ourselves in the name of contribution, purpose, or saving the world. But if we take a moment to look at the implications of our deathbed wishes not only for ourselves, but for the future of the planet, we give ourselves the opportunity to re-write our own story.

3 Ways To Cultivate Your Inner Fearless Leader

Being a “fearless leader” calls up all sorts of imagery and expectations based upon stories we’ve told ourselves or others have told us about our potential and capabilities. Have your personal stories kept you small or empowered you to be your largest self? Here are three of our best suggestions to help you cultivate the “fearless leader” inside of you.

Courage and Wholeness: Intentions Worth Keeping

New Year’s resolutions seem like pass-fail, Type-A behavior, don’t they? As ChangeMakers, it’s important for us to be personally sustainable, to thrive, and to show up clear, strong and open to the people and causes that are important to each of us. What if instead of making a resolution, you set a series of intentions? Fuel your thinking to discover how setting intentions creates space for change and learning in 2015 with these questions.

Are You Wasting The Energy You Need To Be A ChangeMaker?

When you don’t pay attention to your personal “phantom loads,” you end up spending precious life force energy that could be used on more creative or innovative endeavors. Are you wasting the energy you need to be an effective ChangeMaker? Check out this list of energy wasters, and learn how to become your own personal energy manager!

Who’s Listening? Content Strategy 101

There is nothing more disappointing than the realization that no one has clicked or liked the Facebook post you spent 30 minutes creating. Make your content rich, exciting and newsworthy by integrating these simple tips. If you don’t keep your audience in mind, your story (and hard work) is likely to be ignored!