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Leading Voices

The New Mentorship: You, Yourself, and Us

We don’t single source anything anymore. Why single source our source of inspiration? Leadership is a mosaic pursuit, and each of us has the opportunity to compile the tiles in a way that paints a picture that means something to us. In mentorship it’s way easier to single source, but it’s to your advantage to be polygamous.

Telling Your Story on Purpose

Does anyone really care what you have to say in 140 characters? Even if they do, how do you know which stories to share and which to keep to yourself? Our monthly storytelling tips from B Storytelling will empower the way you talk, write about and lead your work and help you measure the impact of your story’s reach.

Join the #ChangePledge Campaign

Tweet for change by joining our #ChangePledge campaign. We’re working to create a scholarship fund for ChangeMakers in underserved populations who want to participate in CNL programs through a Twitter Giving Tree. Help us reach our goal of $5,000 by the end of the year. For each #ChangePledge we’ll done $1 on your behalf!

Leadership Development the Way Nature Intended

What is leadership, anyways? Would you recognize it if you saw it? Leadership isn’t a title or a position. It’s about stepping over a threshold. It’s about making a difference in your own life, the lives of others, in your community or organization, or in the world at large. It’s about living and acting by example and in turn, affecting others.

Bottom line, a leader is “in relationship” 24/7, and it’s not just with humans, anymore.

The Messy Dilemma

Living from your soul is messy. But our imperfect and ecstatic experiences can shatter the glass ceiling of our limited possibilities, revealing a new unexplored galaxy. By embracing the mess we expand our totality of possibilities and increase our capacity for more ecstatic experiences in the future.