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Leading Voices

For the Love of Collective Impact

Have you ever told a colleague you loved them? Most likely not. It’s unprofessional. It could even be misconstrued as harassment or at least a little sketchy. Research shows that a loving, caring, compassionate work environment leads to more job satisfaction, less burnout and even fewer sick days. Doesn’t it make sense then that loving collaborative groups would garner the same kinds of results? CNL partner, Jodi Clark, puts forth bold ideas about making love the new norm in the workplace.

The Heart of Transformation

People embrace big challenges eagerly all time: we pick up and move for new jobs or opportunities, get married, have children, and do adventure sports. Why then do so few organizations tap into this natural, creative force-for-good of individuals at work? Jennifer Simpson, Generative Council member and partner at Conversant, is embarking on a two-year journey to look at how organizations can shift away from the death-and-dying approach to “change management” by tapping into energy-giving resources. What change story can you share with her?

What’s Your Clothesline Strategy?

Don’t let the to-do list tragedy of generic content be your story. Be intentional, meaningful and strategic about the content you create to attract people to you and your personal brand. Learn how to define your “clothesline” and easily discern which stories should see the light of day.

Can Your Long-Term Wishes Influence Today?

Everyday, we make decisions that steel ourselves from our humanity. Many of us unconsciously harden ourselves in the name of contribution, purpose, or saving the world. But if we take a moment to look at the implications of our deathbed wishes not only for ourselves, but for the future of the planet, we give ourselves the opportunity to re-write our own story.

3 Ways To Cultivate Your Inner Fearless Leader

Being a “fearless leader” calls up all sorts of imagery and expectations based upon stories we’ve told ourselves or others have told us about our potential and capabilities. Have your personal stories kept you small or empowered you to be your largest self? Here are three of our best suggestions to help you cultivate the “fearless leader” inside of you.