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Energizing Change

Many of the changes happening today have big stakes associated with them—both for the future health of our communities and organizations, and for the way we approach some of the most important social and public issues of our time. The outcomes matter a great deal, but the way we get there matters too. How are you energizing change?

5 TED Talks That Will Change How You Experience Life

How do you determine the quality of your life? Regardless of the measuring stick you choose, these five TED Talks offer new lenses for how we experience everyday events and how we will remember them in the future. Take an active role in shaping how you engage with the world around you by integrating the practices and ideas from these inspiring TED Talks!

Your Summer Vacation To-Do List

Don’t let the title fool you. This isn’t your typical to-do list. Whether you’re planning a big getaway or a series of mini staycations, Summer is the perfect opportunity to intimately connect to your surroundings and have a conversation with nature. Here are three nature-based practices you can easily integrate into your favorite vacation activities.

Let’s Get Personal About Sustainability

Our ability to maintain an even or positive balance of personal energy is a critical starting point for making a difference in the world. Are your personal resources are in alignment with your values and goals? This activity will help you uncover how you’re currently using your precious and finite resources. It’s guaranteed to get you thinking about ways you can increase your own sustainability and effectiveness!

The Bold Truth of Being A Change Agent

Telling the truth keeps us in rooted in our own power, keeps us connected to others, and allows us to create the future we want to see. Generative Council member, Kendall Youngblood, challenges us to more frequently tell the truth about who we are, what we want and what the world we want to live in looks like. Are you a soothsayer?